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Great restaurants begin in the kitchen. Jojo is no exception. One of the true jewels of the San Francisco Bay Area's fine dining scene, Jojo Restaurant thrives as an elegant but comfortable home for exquisitely prepared, gourmet country French cuisine. Jojo made its debut in late 1999 under the care and supervision of its owners and operators, longtime bay area chefs Curt Clingman and Mary Jo Thoresen.

Two of the Bay Area's most admired and respected chefs, Curt Clingman and Mary Jo Thoresen opened Jojo in late 1999 to realize their vision of a great restaurant. The two chefs bring to this endeavor the fruits of their associations with many of this pioneering gastronomic region's most influential and ground~breaking restaurants.

Among his many accomplishments, Curt introduced to Zuni Café the Mediterranean flavors and ingredients that became that world famous restaurant's culinary signature. And as a founding chef at Olivetto, Curt contributed greatly to establishing the menu standards and style that led to Olivetto's widespread recognition as one of the most respected Italian restaurants in the United States. Mary Jo's twelve years at Chez Panisse and subsequent stints in kitchens from Provence to San Francisco, Tuscany to Bordeaux became the foundation for her own highly refined but extremely innovative and global culinary aesthetic. An aesthetic she brings to fruition in the menu and dessert planning and execution at Jojo.


Richard Herrara-Lopez, Manager
To dine at Jojo is to experience this vision and experience in the multiple talents of its founders. Jojo brings passion to the dining experience. A passion for excellence that is reflected in every aspect of the restaurant's operations. It is a passion that is tangible in the quality of the ingredients, in the composition of each plate, and in the warmth and smiles of each member of the staff. Even before picking up a menu at Jojo, this harmony of approach to all things connected to the restaurant is so real you feel you can almost taste it. The quiet, muted gold, bronze and tans of the restaurant's interior immediately put you at ease. There is a quiet serenity that one experiences at Jojo that embraces you and allows you to relax, to rest, and to fully enjoy your food, your wine, your companions or yourself.

This feeling of a perfectly realized world in balance is also self evident when one picks up the menu. Jojo is one of the only fine dining restaurants anywhere that presents all of its daily offerings on one page. Alone among many great restaurants, it invites you to compose your meal, from starters to dessert.

Key to this composition is the suites of dining courses themselves. Every Jojo menu offers you three flights or courses, with generally five to eight selections comprising the choices for each course. Almost invariably, one will find among the entrée courses at least one meat, one fish, and one vegetarian dish. And because Curt Clingman makes possibly the finest frites this side of the River Siene, the inclusion of a steak frites selection has become ubiquitous. Mary Jo Thoresen's artistry as a dessert chef is being taken to new heights at Jojo. It is absolutely a given that you will discover a dessert on each menu that will make you think you've died and gone to heaven. Virtually every night, all of the choices will force you to make what at the time will feel like the toughest decision you've ever made in your life. The desserts at Jojo are, quite simply, that wonderful.

Jojo's thoughtful and well-conceived wine list is a delight for the connoisseur and also an expression of the restaurant's aesthetic harmony. More familiar wines from the Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Napa are complemented on the list with superb, lesser known wines from Loire, Languedoc, the Rhone, Oregon, and the last time I was there, a great red from the island of Corsica. Each wine on the list is also annotated with helpful and often amusing notes volunteered by Curt or Mary Jo to help guide your selection.

Everything at Jojo is the culmination of the vision, life experiences, education, personal philosophies, talents, culinary explorations and love of its founders and co-owners, Mary Jo Thoresen and Curt Clingman.

We invite you to experience how this history, process and philosophy combine to create a great restaurant and a great dining experience.
Welcome to our table.

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